Nasdaq bubble compared to Bitcoin bubble: history repeats itself

Today the crypto market crashed because of a Korean hack that stole millions from an exchange.

Every day there's a bearish attack to the cryptomarket from the establishment, 'cause essentially the fear to lose the dominant market position is an awful one for the leaders.

On the other side, wannabes, fomos, cryptoanarchists and all sort of netizens play the little businessman without any skills in market, finance, macroeconomics or even household economy, risking to destroy their families and lives, vaporizing their savings in high risk assets. 

Aside from the front-end games, big and smart investors see things for what they are: an incredible opportunity to change their lives. 

And when the bubble will burst and the lights will go out, these people will hold in silence their assets, awaiting for the right time to take profits from their investments. 

People who did this in the past with the NASDAQ bubble now are now at the top of the world. 

Use your brain in finance and the heart in bed, not the other way around.

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