eCHARGE (eCHG) Token Airdrop – Electric cars charging network

header echarge echg token airdrop electric cars recharging station blockchain network allart softworks is the first alternative system for easy and cost-efficient recharging of electric cars and other battery-powered vehicles. It is designed to be globally disseminated through the installation of eCharge stations at hotels, offices, shopping malls, parking lots and other customer-friendly locations.eCharge is airdropping a total of 2 million tokens…

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header Trial token airdrop blockchain plaintiffs backers litigation financing allart softworks

TRIAL TOKEN AirdropTrial Token (Trial Funds Society) is a technology platform that connects plaintiffs with accredited backers to make litigation financing accessible & inclusive. From the website: Trial Tokens will be based on the Ethereum protocol and conform to the ERC-20 standards. The Ethereum-based smart contract will create and maintain…

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