Loyakk [LYK] Token Airdrop – Tokenized data container for secure business interactions and transactions

Loyakk offers the world’s 1st blockchain-based platform for business networks that enables enterprises to collaborate & share data with their partners. Loyakk transforms how companies collaborate & share data with partners, distributors, channel and vendors across the world – through private blockchain. Saves billions of dollars lost in data leaks, IP theft…

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Rewards [RWRD] Token Airdrop – Rewards Blockchain by Rewards.com

A online marketplace partnered with thousand(s) of businesses you can shop at and receive cash back, find deals, coupons & earn RWRD tokens. Rewards.com offers a global loyalty solution to provide the first consumer and retail-focused rewards token platform. It leverages blockchain technology to offer a universal loyalty token, we…

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Boltt [BOLTT] Token Airdrop – Next Gen Smart Fitness Wearables AI-enabled Health Coach

header Boltt [BOLTT] Token Airdrop - Next Gen Smart Fitness Wearables AI-enabled Health Coach

Connecting the World with the first ever  “Digital Health Coin” BolttCoin is a platform that rewards user for improvements to their personal health. With two years of development and a great team, Boltt is already emerging as an industry leader with thousands of users, business customers and strong partnerships. Join us…

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Synapse.ai (SYN) Token Airdrop – Decentralized data & AI network

header synapse ai syn token airdrop decentralized data ai network allart softworks

Synapse is the 1st Decentralized AI network built to enable next generation intelligence by combining data and machine learning models through a programmatic interface that any human, bot, vehicle, or device can interact with. For the first time in history, earn rewards by contributing data in the form of SYN…

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