Incredible Apache2 virtualhost redirection issue… solved.

Incredible Apache2 virtualhost issue solved

Last week I’ve been stuck with an incredible issue testing websites locally. Never had a problem since then; I usually set up my hosts file and create a virtualhost in order to test mywebsitename.test in my browser, then when I’m done I move it on production and change config files.…

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HOWTO: [Electron, fix, install, error] How to fix Electron ENOENT error

howto fix electron enoent error installing linux allart softworks

I’ve come multiple times across a strange issue using Electron as a standalone web app framework: npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE npm ERR! errno ENOENT Let me save you some time hereby giving the solution of this issue: $ sudo npm install -g electron —unsafe-perm=true —allow-root Launch the command above from…

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